I Took A Selfie Today…

And I didn’t like what I saw.

Not the kind of selfie that we’ve come to recognize on social media but a selfie of my heart and attitude…a little personal inventory.  Both have been a bit funky lately and I realized that I’m not myself without a Snickers bar…not literally…the commercial.

What happened to that warm, congenial person that I used to be; that person who exuded sunshine and positivity everywhere I went?  Today I hardly even recognize myself.  Today I see a person who lacks patience, a person who is frequently frustrated, a person who doesn’t want to be bothered sometimes and a person who responds in kind to rudeness.  I hate to admit it but this “me first” society, age of entitlement is getting the best of me! I’m finding it increasingly difficult to maintain my personal values in a culture that challenges each and every one of them on a daily basis. I’m like a sponge in that I tend to absorb negative and toxic energy that surrounds me.  Before I realize it, it seeps inside of me and changes who I am and how I respond and relate to the world.  Some days I feel like that feisty little old lady who sits in her rocking chair waving her cane while giving it a piece of her mind. 

Here are a few things that really gets my goat; in fact I’ve allowed them to steal my identity…

Working on the front lines with the public everyday can wear you out…it’s that simple!  Some people have taken multi- tasking to a whole new level.  Today it’s totally acceptable to conduct business on the phone while simultaneously disengaging from the conversation to chat with others in the room,  “pause” the conversation to place a drive-thru food order, attend a noisy sporting event, shop or do whatever else the caller deems necessary at that particular moment. This is an area where my patience wears really thin.   Another pet peeve is when the information needed to conduct business is in the caller’s phone but it can’t be accessed because they’re talking on the phone!  Somehow these things all seem very disrespectful to me.  Voicemail… does anyone listen to it any more or is this an antiquated means of communicating?  I’m just trying to keep up with the times here!

Customer service…whatever happened to polite and eager to assist store clerks and customer service reps (including myself at times)?  Do they only work at Chick-fil-A?  Does the “golden rule” of business still apply today…the one that says the customer is always right?  Unfortunately it does…but there’s a “revised” version…

Driving…I can’t seem to drive on the highway for five minutes anymore without cursing the other drivers for their excessive speed, careless maneuvers and distracted driving.  Doesn’t anyone use turn signals anymore?  What about the “defensive” driving that we learned about in driver’s education?  All I want to do is get from point A to point B without losing my life or limbs.

Distracted parents…It’s so annoying when distracted parents don’t recognize when their children are in danger because they’re too busy looking at or talking on their phones to notice. What ever happened to holding a little one’s hand when crossing the street or walking through a busy parking lot?

And finally the workplace…is professional etiquette, accountability, respect for colleagues and constructive communication a thing of the past?   

Yep, I can hardly get my head around our “new normal” and I’ve always considered myself to be a pretty liberal and progressive thinker.  But enough belly-aching for now…It’s time to rise up out of my rocking chair and stop spewing more venom into the air. 

Self awareness is important…it’s good to check ourselves every now and then and to recognize when we’ve succumbed to sloppy habits and stinking thinking. Yes our world is changing; but at the end of the day we are only responsible for ourselves and our little piece of it.  With that being said, I think I’ll have that Snickers bar now… 


So what gets your goat?

1 thought on “I Took A Selfie Today…

  1. Having to deal with customers, people all day 6 days a week gets my goat. People are rude, inconsiderate and down right cheap! You work so hard to try and please people and help people only to have them take all your information and go elsewhere to buy things and then come back to you for more help when they can’t work what they got.
    Life is so hard and you work for a future that you never seem to get to. I really hate life sometimes but I keep on going hoping one day to be able to just relax in quiet away from everyone but close friends and family. I need those snickers bars sometimes too.

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