So What is a People Whisperer Anyway?

It was the fall of 2009, I had just sold my little coffee cafe’ and was trying to figure out what my next career move would be.  I was sitting on the beach reading a book by Dan Miller called “No More Mondays” when I had my “aha” moment!  The book described a new opportunity that would increase in popularity over the coming years known as “people whispering” in which a certain skill set would be utilized when communicating with people.  This appeared to be just the opportunity that I was looking for.

I especially like this definition of a people whisperer from the book “Secrets of the People Whisperer” by Perry Wood.

A “people whisperer” uses a technique in which they “hold the space”.  That means that they listen to someone by being totally present; it means giving their heart, love and full attention to the other person.  This allows the other person all the room they need to express themselves.  The “people whisperer” creates a peaceful and safe environment where the other person can express whatever they need to express or say whatever they need to say. 

Other characteristics of a “people whisperer” include:

  • People Whisperers are highly skilled communicators who enhance communication and build relationships.
  • People Whisperers truly understand other people.
  • People Whisperers are aware of what they and other people are communicating on many levels; mentally, verbally, physically and spiritually.
  • People Whisperers are adept at interacting with kindness, understanding, power and subtlety.
  • People Whisperers do not judge.  They are noble, quick-witted and very powerful.  They sense true intentions, integrity and have an innate sense of justice.
  • People Whisperers have the ability to move others.

To be honest, I am not a fan of the title “people whisperer” because it seems a little “out there” to me but since I am not a trained therapist or counselor but believe that I am gifted in certain areas of communication, I choose to utilize that title for now.



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